Whale Trips

Trip Description:
 Humpback Whales come to Niue to breed and raise their calves every year between July and October. We run trips to interact with these gentle giants. Every interaction is different, but snorkellers have spent up to half an hour floating just metres away from a mother and calf- others prefer to watch from the boat, witnessing impressive breaches and playing spy hops and fin slaps. 
The trips start with a classroom presentation about the Whales, learning about their behaviours and migratory patterns. We then head out on the ocean for a coastal tour and hopefully will spot some Whales along the way.
When to book:
July -September Trips operate at 08:00am and 13:00pm Mon-Sat. Can only pre-book for dates 13th July- 30th August. Anything outside these dates you need to drop by the dive shop upon arrival into Niue to book a trip if the Whales are in Niue.
Running time: Running time is 4 hrs, with the time spent on the water being approximately 3 hours. 
Cost per person: $150.00nzd per person.
Passengers on board: Maximum of 10 passengers and requires a minimum of 4 to run.
Special requirements:
*Minimum age of 8 years old for the boat and 10 years old for in-water interactions, no exceptions.
What you need to bring:
*Snorkelling gear- mask, fins and snorkel if you have your own.
*Hat and sunglasses
*Waterproof camera.
What is provided on the tour:
* Snorkel gear is provided if you do not have your own.
* A short wetsuit- this will act as a buoyancy device, wind and sun protection for the duration of the trip.
*Water and refreshments

Whale trips can only be pre-booked from 13th July-30th August. If travelling these dates, pre-booking is highly recommended.
To book yourself on a trip outside of these dates please drop by the dive shop upon arrival into Niue.