Activities For Kids

Activities For Kids

As parent's you deserve time to yourselves on your holidays, let us take you kids off your hands and take them on an educational adventure with or Reef Watch Kids Club or learn the basics of Scuba Diving and take their first breaths underwater, with our Scuba Rangers program.
Great for individuals or part of a group. Your kids will make some amazing memories and have a lot of fun on their holiday.

Reef Watch Kids Club

Our Reef Watch Kids Club offers two seperate sessions, teaching the kids about the marine life they can find on the reef, how they live, what they eat and how to identify.

Session #1- Low-tide Reef and rockpool walk with a marine life classroom session. The kids will get to explore a low tide reef pool and the reef flat for crabs, small fish and other cool creatures. 
Session #2 - 
Pirate Cave exploration and Edu-snorkel- taking the kids to Avaike Cave to explore learn about cave formations and an educational snorkel where they can meet some fish and how the interact in their habitat.

Scuba Rangers

Your kids will be taught skills needed to scuba dive  while playing games and having lots of fun.
There are two different session available. 

Session #1- Pool Session-  Playing with toys, under water egg and spoon races and learning the basic skills needed for Scuba Diving. Running time is approx. 2.5 hours.
Session #2 - Limu Pools - 
We will take the kids on a dive at Limu Pools in water no deeper than 3 metres. Here the kids will be able to see beautiful coral and interesting marine life and document what they find.

Activity Info

Running time: Sessions are 2-3 hrs each
Time:  Will vary based on tide times and bookings
Cost: One Child - $50 per session or $90 for two sessions
Subsequent Children-
$40 per session or $70 for two sessions.
Passengers on board: Minimum of 2 kids required and a maximum of 10.
Special requirements: Minimum age of 6 years old for all excursions, no exceptions.
What you need to bring:  Towels, Swimwear and good walking shoes (will get wet!!) 
What is provided on the tour: Snorkel equipment, Sunscreen, Light Snacks and Refreshments

Activity Info

Running Time: Sessions are 2-3 hours each
Time:  Will vary based on tide times and bookings
Cost: Pool Session $70 per child
Limu Pools Session $80 per child
Passengers on board: Maximum of 4 kids per session
Special requirements: Minimum age of 8 years old, no exceptions!!
What you need to bring:  Towels, Swimwear. Hats, and a positive attitude.
What is provided on the tour: Diving Equipment, sunscreen, refreshments and transportation for Limu Pools session.

Photos will be taken for each session

All participants will receive a certificate for participation.